FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

In order to list your products for sale, you must be registered as a supplier.  Registration is easy and free.  To register go to Register as a Supplier. Once you have registered as a supplier you can list a limited number of products at no charge.  When your products are approved, they will be lised on the Canadian website as actively for sale.

On ImportDesk, prices are quoted in local Canadian currency, and all prices include customs, duties, import fees and transportation to Canadian Logistics warehouse.  You deal with Canadians in a Canadian office, local language and local time zones.

We do all the difficult logistics of controlling and managing the imports. Buyers just take advantage of the great pricing, while suppliers get their products listed for sale by a reliable supplier in a foreign country at no cost to themselves.

Before shipping any goods we will contact you to confirm the order and method of payment.  Typically we will want 50% on approval of sample, and balance at time of shipping.  Customers with established credit history may get preferential terms. Payments are suggested by T/T or wire, but alternate methods may be arranged. We will endeavor to make arrangements suitable for all parties.

A Preferred Supplier can enter many products for sale, and their products get rotated in to the Featured Products banner. However there are some requirements, such as certified quality for your products. Contact us at Customer Service to discuss registering your company as a Preferred Supplier.

We encourage you to get a sample whenever ordering new merchandise.  It is the best way to be sure you are ordering what you want. Although there is a small cost and time interval, reviewing a sample is considered good business practice when ordering items.   For smaller or less complex items, specifications can be made available to save time and sample review costs.