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Industrial and Rare Earths

GP Graphite electrode

Graphite electrode (RP) Nominal diameter 400mmThe graphite electrode is made of high-quality petroleum coke, needle coke, coal pitch and other raw materials through calcination, intermediate crushing, screening, dosing, mixing compression, roasting, high pressure impregnation, graphitization, machin


Cast Iron Nucleating Agent

1. Uses the advanced smelting craft production the nodulizer product, the organization is compact, the ingredient is stable.
2. It does not have the deflection evenly, the MgO content is low.
3. The spheroidization response is steady, the magnesium absorption rate is high, the anti-decline tim


Rare Earth Ferro Silicon

1. Description
(1) Appearance: section is silver, block, no efflorescence.
(2) Melting point: 1080-1250℃
(3) Size: 0-5mm, 5-50mm, 50-150mm 
2. The chemical composition and particle size can be produced upon customer’s requirements.
3. This product is used in metallurgy