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Industrial and Rare Earths

Rare Earth Magnesium Ferro Silicon

 Rare earth silicon magnesium is used as nodularizer & nucleating agent. It is also used as additive and alloying constituent to make iron and steel.
Ferro silicon magnesium produced with calcium, magnesium, rare earth alloy configuration, also known as magnesium alloy ball ag


Cast Iron Nucleating Agent

1. Uses the advanced smelting craft production the nodulizer product, the organization is compact, the ingredient is stable.
2. It does not have the deflection evenly, the MgO content is low.
3. The spheroidization response is steady, the magnesium absorption rate is high, the anti-decline tim


graphite crucible

High strength graphite crucible    Advantages;1.high strength,high hardness2.good heat-resistance, low porosity